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From Afghanistan to Portugal: helping between 3.000 and 4.000 seeking resettlement. A massive effort done by civil society, now being developed.

History of the Operation

During the first weeks of August 2021, the US and NATO were actively ending their presence in Afghanistan. Kabul was a city taken by panic. Every private organization and professionals from the Intelligence, Defense, Diplomatic and Security areas were busy trying to help Afghans reach the Kabul International Airport. Some succeeded, but most failed.


IntellCorp Groups' Founder and CEO, Mr Mike Ribeiro, with some of IntellCorp Groups' people on the ground did the best he could to help, and despite some successes, he felt it wasn't enough.


The Operation started with Mike organizing teams of research, analysis and operatives, working around the clock, with circa 60 elements committed to help At Risk Afghans reach safety. With those teams, planning done and aircrafts on stand-by, there was a need for funding the operation. After 55 days of actively looking for funding without success, the decision came to close the operation. As soon as announced, the word spread and individuals, groups and organizations started to ask if they could fund the operation.




Mike, our Founder and CEO, is working with a large group of more than twenty international organizations (non-governmental organizations, associations and foundations) and international public figures, for the resettlement of Afghans from Afghanistan to Portugal.

Presently, there are flights already funded by organizations and public figures and a list of between 3.000 and 4.000 Afghans requesting asylum, that will soon be in Portugal.

The operation is a Humanitarian Operation completely funded by private organizations.

With the operation having roots in a IntellCorp Group planning and initiative and being strategic and operationally headed by Mike, currently it relies on the support and participation of both local and international non-governmental organizations, for the arrival of the Afghan asylum seekers in Portugal.

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