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António Brás Monteiro

António Brás Monteiro graduated in 'Communication Sciences' from the Catholic University of Portugal and holds several postgraduate courses from the European Security and Defense College, National Defense Institute, Military Academy, Military University Institute, Institute of Police Sciences and Homeland Security, Delft University of Technology, National Security Office and holds the NATO SECRET Security Clearance.

He worked as Liaison Officer at SolvX, an intelligence and security services firm in Brussels and since 2017 he is Senior Project Manager at Tekever Group where he has been participating in European Defense Agency projects, NATO Industrial Advisory Group studies and European Commission Defense & Security R&D projects.

He is Board Member at EuroDefense-Portugal, Advisory Board Member at AED Cluster Portugal, Advisory Board Member at Focus2Comply and Advisory Board Member at the GRC Cyberspace Cluster. He is as well Editor-at-Large and Special Correspondent for Portugal on behalf of the international 'European Security & Defense' german magazine, Editorial Board Member of the Portuguese publication 'Security & Defense' (chaired by Adriano Moreira), member of the Observatory for Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism (OSCOT) and INTERPOL Drone Expert Group member.

He has two passions: Travel and Land Rovers, and was editor-in-chief of two magazines dedicated to these subjects.

He is an assiduous author for intelligence, defense and security articles.

To relax, he practices sports shooting. In the future, he dreams of a Land Rover expedition along the David Livingstone route ...



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