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Paulo Moniz_IntellCorp_ABMember

Paulo Moniz


CISO in the EDP group; member of the AFCEA Portugal Cyber Committee; member of the CIIWA Board; teacher and researcher by IDN; internationally he is part of the “Systems of Cyber Resilience - Electricity” group at the World Economic Forum; responsible for the EDP Group's participation in European H2020 projects in the cybersecurity area.

Since assuming responsibilities for cybersecurity in the EDP Group , he has assumed several important participations in the cybersecurity area, highlighting participations at the National level, as a member of the Cyber ​​Committee of AFCEA Portugal (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association), member of the Board of Directors of CIIWA (Competitive Intel and Information Warfare Association) and collaboration as a teacher and researcher by IDN (National Defense Institute). Internationally, he is part of the “Systems of Cyber ​​Resilience - Electricity” group at the World Economic Forum, and is also responsible for the EDP Group's participation in European H2020 projects in the area of ​​cybersecurity.


In the exercise of his functions as CISO in the EDP group, the team leadership and projects that led to the creation of a real Cyber ​​Range stand out, a unique feature of the EDP Group for the training of critical cybersecurity infrastructure operators, the creation of a SOC ( Security Operations Center) across the EDP Group, with integrated monitoring of critical and corporate infrastructure networks, as well as participation in national cybersecurity exercises, coordinated by the Portuguese Army (CiberPerseu) and the CNCS (National Cybersecurity Center) of the National Office of Security (GNS).

With a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico , he began by performing systems administration functions in the EDP Group. Later, he attended a Post-Graduation in Information Systems (POSI) at the same institution and subsequently assumed national and international project management responsibilities in the area of ​​information technologies at Logica Iberia.


Subsequently, after completing an MSc in Information Security from the University of Carnegie Mellon and a Masters in Computer Security from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, he took over the leadership of Security Practice at Logica Iberia. In 2010, he returned to EDP to perform the duties of Director of the corporate area of ​​Information Security and IT Risk in the EDP Group. During this period he successfully completed the Executive MBA at AESE Lisboa.

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