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Airport and Aeronautical Intelligence

At present, both in Portugal and around the planet, there is no doubt that airports and air traffic are critical and critical points from the point of view of security. To this end, public authorities and several private entities are deploying prevention and control measures that seek to ensure confidence on the one hand, but of course, on the other hand, the safety of those who use these means of transport every day.

IntellCorp has no doubt that this public and private control is essential for everyone; on the other hand, it is also important to emphasize that although there is, of course, already a lot of work done in the public sector in this area, private intelligence must be a fundamental foundation in the daily support of these partners and, indirectly, in the trust and security of all involved not only in the use of these means, but also those who provide them with due service in the area of security every day.

The intelligence work to be done in these cases aims not only to prevent strategically by checking suspicious flows, supporting all forces seeking to locate individuals, checking passages of suspicious assets and ensuring local work whenever necessary for more critical, politically and / or publicly exposed passengers . The advantage of hiring private Intelligence services is based on two aspects: on the one hand, the flexibility and work that a private unit has, but also the fact that the allocation of this type of service to an external entity, shifts the risk to a unit of private responsibility, and therefore less exposed from the public and even political point of view.

IntellCorp has been positioned since the beginning in the national and international market for this type of strategic collaborations; be it in support to private entities, or in support to public institutions, we are initially focused on support in the Intelligence area not only in already critical situations, but also in supporting business areas that, due to the inherent risk, can, unfortunately, entail situations of delicate and complex context for all.

In the case of Airport and Aeronautical security, IntellCorp reinforces the need and the complementary character of a good Intelligence service applied to the entire industry, here fundamentally in a Lusophone context, and our work, together with all the security forces, should support the to base even more fundamentally more robust armor on the counterterrorist security bubbles in both the commercial and civil areas, with in-depth screening of all possible frameworks that may mirror any type of threat, vulnerability, or suspicion in a particular traffic, flow, or movement, and approaching any airport.

IntellCorp is the first company in Lusophone context available and with analytical and operational musculature as well as Intelligence capacity to act not only in situations of terrorism prevention, but also, in all areas that may configure contexts of more or less serious criminal activity. airport and aeronautical security. The ability to raise the self-awareness of airports, as transit and transit nodes within Lusophone countries to the international space that is sometimes more critical, is one of the facets to which we are especially sensitive and attentive.

The issue in question, it should be stressed, in addition to being a matter of interest for the National Security of all States, has increasingly been the object of in-depth international political support, since here are articulated private and public interests that once eroded or affected by any type of threat can have brutal repercussions on the stability of states and their economies.

The exhaustive survey of information, the strategic and tactical analysis of spheres and webs of influence, as well as the detailed background check of individuals, companies and / or interest groups (religious or not) is always a matter to be monitored in order to achieve this even more effectively prevent acts of illegal interference.

Since the end of 2016, IntellCorp has been happily collaborating with some entities directly related to international aviation and airport security matters; not only in terms of monitoring but also in active prevention in surveying the vulnerabilities inherent in the structures we are witnessing, but also in reading and neutralizing the threats that surround them on a daily basis.

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