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"DINFO, The Fall of the Last Military Secret Service" - in Sábado magazine

We are pleased to see Fernando Cavaleiro Ângelo, a member of our Advisory Board and author of "DINFO, The Fall of the Last Military Secret Service", interviewed for the Sábado magazine, on the 29th of April.

"DINFO - The Fall of the Last Military Secret Service", is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about the history of the Portuguese Intelligence Services.
- IntellCorp Group

SYNOPSES The history of military intelligence is a success story. Between 1974 and 1997, DINFO was instrumental in preserving national security, having carried out several extremely sensitive missions and operations that we all ignored. So far: Fernando Cavaleiro Ângelo, a military who has performed several functions at the highest level in the Intelligence Services, reveals to us first-hand many of the secrets of these activities that someone said were the invisible hand of the State:

- The constitution of DINFO after the 25th of April and its reformulation resulting from the political realities that emerged from the 11th of March and the 25th of November

- How real internal threats to national sovereignty caused DINFO to cease to be an in-depth analysis office for the state of the country and to focus on researching information related to terrorism and espionage

- The evolution in the agents of the threats: from the terrorism of groups of the extreme left and of the extreme right in the post-25th of April to the espionage of foreign powers, namely the Soviet Union

- The decisive action of Bureau E: Operations Buffalo, Albatross and Chaffinch, all against Soviet espionage, namely the KGB

These are some of the themes and episodes that we find in this book, written after a great investigation and using interviews and testimonies of various elements that were part of DINFO. Fernando Cavaleiro Ângelo introduces us to one of the most inaccessible sides of the Portuguese state. in

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