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Henriques Dhlakama announces candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic in 2024 - 11SET2020


Henriques Afonso Dhlakama candidate for President of the Republic | 2024

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers,

Countrymen around the world,

Mozambique has already been subject to tyranny and slavery; violence and discrimination; injustice and misery. Then came freedom. It didn't come for free and demanded blood. Too much blood spilled. Too much blood over the years. But the Mozambicans fought valiantly and, with their determination and combativeness, won the right to be free and self-owned and made an empire kneel. Bathed in blood, we won freedom and, for me, you are all Heroes!

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. In its history, Mozambique has known times of extreme violence, difficulties and misery. But Mozambique resisted. Mozambicans resisted. Mozambicans mourned the deaths, buried their loved ones and Mozambicans rose to continue to live and fight all difficulties. There is no greater heroism than this, to see the beast of war and barbarity and natural disasters befall us and, resisting, return to the fight and shout: We will never be defeated! We will never give up!

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. On this day, on which, after much reflection, I launch my candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Mozambique, my heart is filled with a peaceful joy. I feel accompanied by all of you, Mozambicans, who in the past few days have sent me thousands of messages of hope, loyalty, encouragement and others of a desperate sense, for a change that is slow to arrive.

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. We are millions and a powerful and rich nation. Nobody takes that away from us. All generations of Mozambicans were called to respond to challenges that seemed insurmountable, and we won. Against all odds, we win! We are now called upon to respond to the greatest challenge of our lives: to change a country stagnated by the immobility and conformity of a destiny with no future and justice.

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. It is now up to the present generations, in their love for the Country, with Faith and shoulder to shoulder, with their Brothers and Sisters, to fight the greatest fight in the history of this Nation: the fight for justice and equality and for a future that can be splendid . For the good of Mozambique and all Mozambicans!

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. In these new times, and despite Mozambique being one of the countries with the greatest potential on the African continent and in the world, we are over 50 years behind and unprotected in the face of new challenges. Our institutions are corrupt and backward. Mozambique did not know or know how to develop its valuable resources, including the Mozambican population. We are on the edge of a huge precipice and it is time for Mozambicans to react with the ferocity that has been known throughout their history.

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. This is the reason for my candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic. I am absolutely sure that Mozambicans want to change and are fed up! Fed up with suffering and watching their children die; not having anything to eat; not being able to access decent health care; not being able to afford to study; not having a job; of wars and conflicts. I am absolutely sure that Mozambicans from all locations and provinces, regardless of political parties or religion, are fed up and that together we are going to change this country!

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. I present myself as a candidate for all Mozambicans. I have in my name engraved with iron and fire the history of a past of fighting for justice and equality. I have my political and ideological convictions and a personal life that I put aside, to serve Mozambique and the Mozambicans.

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. It is time to put our differences aside. It is time to talk and find solutions. It is time for leaders to think about the people. It is time for Mozambicans to demand that these party leaders abdicate and leave if they do not have the capacity or willingness to dialogue and act.

Mozambican Sisters and Brothers. There was a time when we were told that it was natural to be a slave because we were animals. There was a time when we were told that we could not be independent because we had no will of our own. There was a time when we were told that we would never be able to develop a country, because we were not smart. We knew how to forgive. We proved to everyone that they were wrong. Now it's time to prove again that we are able to come together, solve problems and work for a better future!

We will gain the true freedom we deserve. I know we can do it!

For Mozambicans and for Mozambique.

I count on you all in 2024!

September 11, 2020

Henriques Afonso Dhlakama

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