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Intelligence and Communication Agencies

The communication agency market worldwide is strong and brings together specialists from almost all areas. Communication professionals promote companies, brands, groups and even simply individuals, organizing events, organizing interviews, producing content for all available media and even, more critically, managing crisis situations.

A communication agency typically brings together several types of knowledge - all of them, always, in some way associated with communication. From planning to activating a brand or a specific product, a communication agency is typically the ideal partner to consolidate in the market for public recognition, brands, companies and even, for example, politically active individuals in political campaigns, with the aim, also, of course, to promote your candidate in the best way to your target audience. The purpose of a communication agency always passes through the axis of capitalizing the public image of its client; this management is carried out, usually and nowadays, in a perspective that increasingly crosses all the more traditional means, but also virtual, national and international, always depending also on the structured strategy for each particular case.

In the case of Communication Agencies, the training provided by a good Intelligence service is characteristically extremely advantageous for the agency's clients. Typically crisis management issues, such as counter-information and disinformation work, are matters that should be carried out by Information specialists, who are the resources indicated to be able to intervene in extreme and critical situations, but also in the gathering of information and to shield their employees. customers, or for a better understanding of the competition's vulnerabilities. Research work on vulnerabilities and threats, as well as the production of material for all types of media, is at the heart of good intelligence activity; this work, however, must also go through a verification of the entire internal information flow of this type of companies that so often deal with matters that are also delicate about their customers.

IntellCorp is currently actively working to support information with some major players in this business area. Our work has been divided into three types of services: the first, which is related to the research work for use by the agency; the second, with the production of material for dissemination and a third that has undergone a service that has been transversal to most companies contracting Intelligence services, the introduction to senior political and / or business executives.

On the other hand, the specialized verification of a true Information Security policy has also been a transversal concern for companies, entrepreneurs and interest groups. The establishment of secure communication channels, as well as the implementation of structured Information Security procedures in companies, is not only a guarantee of better quality of service provided to the client, mainly in this business area, but it is also a guarantee for the companies themselves and for entrepreneurs who often, in the very development of their usual activity, are faced with more critical issues, with clients who are more publicly exposed for any reason and whose image must be protected in advance, and on the other hand, defend in case of crisis.

IntellCorp brings together this unique and specialized capacity in the national market, Portuguese speaking and CPLP. Our mission is also to support the construction of a culture, and an awareness of the importance of the need and the absolute reality that in any business, and then particularly in the area of communication, information, access to these and their treatment specialized is not just an increase in value, but a necessity in view of the often hidden risks that companies and individuals face almost daily, although often without an in-depth awareness of it.

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