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Intelligence, Companies and New Markets

Portugal is potentially an exporting country for good and large companies; the size of our national territory and the economic situation in our country often conditions the exponential growth of our companies, which is why many choose to try to move into new markets. Depending on the size and therefore the financial strength of each company, the choice of the market is often based on a more or less in-depth study of the target market; in most cases, when we speak mainly of medium-sized companies, the choice is often based on more or less arbitrary aspects that are linked to or with local personal contacts, or often with the personal intuitions of the management of these companies that set out abroad.

The problem of these approaches to foreigners is varied, but the overwhelming majority of them are likely to be typified by certain standards. Let's go by parts: large companies usually have privileged contacts in the places where they want to be implemented; when they don't have it, at least if they do it in a structured and solid way, they hire a service to a consultant that typically stays with secondary research (desk research) to get an idea of ​​the conditions of possibility of the country they are going to. Usually, what is observed in these types of studies are, of course, the economic factors of the country, or the region in question, and, a very superficial study of direct or indirect competition.

Small and medium-sized companies usually have a different approach to exporting their own businesses abroad: there is typically no consultancy service contracted in the search for any data, and transit from one side to the other is done on a non-basis basis. only on the entrepreneur's intuition, but also based on his personal contacts.

What Intelligence in either case can do is quite different; in these cases it is important to distinguish a work of excellence from Intelligence, from what a business consultant typically does: the search for economic data often accessible online, but properly compiled in a document can be relevant information, but an Intelligence action is well more than that: one thing is the official data, what is available on the internet and that a consultant can compile in a document, another thing is the previous knowledge of the terrain and the possession of an experience with the most complex situations in that geographic area and in which the possession of relevant information allows to truly support the management of the company, or the entrepreneur in particular.

Knowing the channels, the capital flows, the main players, their spheres of influence, as well as the vulnerabilities of local or international competition through the hands of information professionals is an instrument of decision support and risk control that is unavoidable for those who, in the end, want to minimize bad experiences and large capital losses. Here, the important thing is to reinforce: it is one thing to have management professionals doing their job in modeling, for example, the investment to be taken into account for this expansion of the company, another thing is through an Intelligence service to have direct access to local decision-making centers, both for senior business executives and often for senior political executives.

In summary: more and more, in the complexity of the webs of relations that exist, on a way out to a foreign country, be it more or less remote, be it a Western, Asian or Middle Eastern country, be it in Africa or in the area of East, the important thing is that you want to represent the will of a large company, whether you are a businessman with a desire to grow and a sense of opportunity, it is not to exhaust that momentum in decisions that are not supported, in a network of contacts only superficial and without knowing well all threats, and / or the vulnerabilities that their potential competition, direct or indirect, constitute. In this sector IntellCorp provides a service for companies in Portugal for the first time: we support, and we support the decision that takes into account the risk, and the structural threats of a given geographical area or country where a given company wants to invest.

Whether in a remote area, with complex access, or in a city that, due to competitiveness, makes the need for access to information also fundamental, IntellCorp's work always involves ensuring that our companies reach new markets with greater certainty, with less risk of losses to all levels, and of course with a better chance of success. Intelligence in the field and in multilayers is the cornerstone here for your company to expand safely, with the right contacts.

This new world has become increasingly dangerous when information seems so easily accessible and of little value; it is important to correct here, as information professionals we all live, without a doubt, in the age of free information, but one thing is what appears on the surface, another thing is what in depth a professional in the field can achieve in the most remote places, or in the most competitive places in the world and how it is processed and worked, using experience not usually available to companies.

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