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Intelligence Course (Preparing to Apply for Intelligence Services)


The course is designed to prepare potential candidates for Intelligence Services or professionals from different areas of analysis or operations whose objective is to acquire more knowledge in the field of Intelligence.

The course is also aimed at civilians who seek to acquire new perspectives with practical application in their professional areas: entrepreneurs, company executives, independent professionals.

The course is also aimed at students interested in gaining a unique perspective on the world, in order to better be prepared to face a future career in their fields.

The course is ideal for companies that want to not only prepare their employees for threats to the company but also to test and evaluate the stress resistance and leadership spirit of their staff.

The training is suitable to assist in the defense against any threat, regardless of whether it is in a Low, Medium or High Risk zone.

Taught by former Intelligence Officers, ex-Special Forces and other experienced professionals from different areas, the course is designed to provide the most important tools that allow the detection and prevention of all types of risk in different scenarios.

Why should you attend the course

The course will:

- prepare the potential candidate as a future Intelligence Officer for the training he / she will find, if accepted in the Intelligence Services, as well as give him / her the basic notions and an exact picture of what awaits him / her as an Intelligence Officer.

- give you a clear idea of ​​the threats you face (at home and abroad) and in any type of situation, from Low Risk to High Risk areas.

- demonstrate how to protect your company's information and how to better introduce security practices into your company, making it routine.

- demonstrate how to search for vital strategic information and tactics.

- give you tools to detect and predict threats to your company, person, employees or the information you hold, as well as trigger defensive and offensive measures to solve that same problem.

- train you on how to prepare your mission, how to protect sensitive or classified information, how to protect yourself and your sources and teach you Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance techniques that may one day prove to be vital.

- teach you how to: avoid or make it difficult to be captured; react in the most appropriate way if caught and avoid harmful and escalating behaviors (the difference between life and death or the release or continuation in captivity).

- teach you techniques for resistance, evasion and survival in any environment or geographic location.

and you will be minimally equipped to understand the source of the greatest threats and act against them both in your professional day-to-day life and in the course of any mission.

Know more:

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