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Intelligence, Crisis and Extremes

Unfortunately it is not a novelty that from time to time entrepreneurs and often more exposed citizens end up involved in situations that they can hardly forget.

This type of problem can arise in the case of a simple dispute between acquaintances in a business context, but also in more critical personal situations. In national territory, or often, unfortunately on trips that, even when they are planned, when they happen in more remote territories, carry risks that are often not well calculated. In the case of disappearances and escapes, abduction situations and the like, IntellCorp has in its deepest genetics the capacity and the specialists who can intervene in a fast, rigorous and structured way.

The first step undoubtedly involves prevention; the businessman who moves to a territory that he does not know - even if accompanied - always gains in having not only in his possession security information about the geographic area that he will visit, but also, if possible, with a job made to measure in what he says respect to the articulations and spheres of power of the jurisdiction.

This work of Intelligence is fundamental for the entrepreneur who is in fact aware of the complexity of the current world, and who wants to win in territories that often because they are just more opaque, hide great opportunities, whether public or private.

This work, not only of planning a trip from the security point of view as a whole, but also, the work of gathering information for the introduction to senior business and political staff in a given country, exponentially increases the probability of success of any trip. of business. Investing in this matter means capitalizing on the future, and with this, of course, it is also overcoming the competition that does not have the power to work with those who belong to the national and international community in the Information sector.

The second step must always be an instrument of appeal; when it is not prevented, or when it has already been injured in some way, the intervention of an Intelligence action is articulated, of course, in a register that is also rigorous, of course, but more muscular and accelerated.

On a trip, anything can happen - and more and more, not just on a trip to a remote location; for a more exposed individual, a trip abroad can often trigger materialized interest in something that until now had been merely a threat.

In the case of disputes, escapes, disappearances, and problems of the most varied typology, the problem is always the same: the equation of time and safety commits not only the injured party, but also the professionals that IntellCorp articulates in a supportive support action.

In the case of risky businesses, this type of support is vital not only punctually, but from a systematic point of view, for monitoring the client.

In crisis and extreme management there are certainly differences; in the first, we have, as a general rule, contexts of controlled pressure, but still with order and internal awareness for response. In the case of the management of extreme situations, contexts are generally more complex and critical, with scenarios of absolute entropy, and almost always, without great conscious capacity for internal response on the part of the assets involved.

In the case of extreme situations the in-depth and structured intervention dictates, in the overwhelming majority of times, the difference between life and death.

In a world increasingly in geopolitical tension, strategic and tactical knowledge of both prevention and reaction is essential not only for exposed individuals, but for strong entrepreneurs, companies of excellence and states with an advanced self-awareness that want to not only protect it is about external agents, threats, and vulnerabilities, but who fundamentally want to win in all cases, in all territories and contexts, and especially in situations where the scenario is not the most favorable for success from the outset.

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