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Intelligence for Industry 4.0

In recent times, Portugal has happily advanced resolutely towards a supported political program for Industry 4.0.

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ was coined in 2012, at Hannover Messe, Germany, and technically is based on 4 very basic principles that seek to underpin the fourth great industrial revolution - the construction of factories, of intelligent production systems:

1. Interoperability: cyber, physical, and human systems must connect and communicate with each other via the internet of things in the cloud;

2. Transparency of Information: information systems must have the capacity to create a virtual copy of the physical factory so that it is possible to simulate new scenarios;

3. Technical assistance: the systems must collect and prepare critical information to support human decision, in case any type of emergency intervention is needed; these systems must be able to assist and support this human intervention, especially if it involves unnecessary risks;

4. Decentralization of decision: systems must be able to decide autonomously as much as possible, without human intervention;

In Portugal the term ‘Industry 4.0’ has gained an important impetus because it appears as the motto of a necessary program to support the necessary digitization, innovation and recapitalization of national industry within the National Reform Plan. With the INTERFACE initiative, the idea is also to promote in-depth the dynamics between universities, their research units and national companies, aiming at this approach of transferring and exchanging knowledge in the area of ​​technology, a global response to the problems that found the more or less anemic state of the business fabric and therefore of the national economy. The Industry 4.0 program thus seeks to be an accelerator of the Portuguese economy, and also a key factor in political unblocking both for the problem of national unemployment (youth and adult), but also for the exponential global growth of our companies that will be able to enjoy a support funds for investments that propel this qualitative leap in national industries.

In addition to this need to digitize and make our companies more technological, IntellCorp has reinforced the strategic political need not only to move resolutely towards this much-needed revolution in the national business fabric, but also, and equally urgently. , the inevitability of promoting the endowment of companies with tools in the area of ​​information that allow entrepreneurs not only to protect themselves from potential losses with problems that will come directly from this entry into the global digital world and its risks, but also from the essential urgency in betting on Intelligence instruments that allow them to overcome the competition both of direct and indirect international competitors, but also of interest groups more or less organized that in their spheres of influence near the decision poles, are the first many times to veto tacitly certain companies' access to new public opportunities or private.

What we want to make clear is that a digital industry, with access to real-time data and means of controlling production and distribution, is not necessarily an intelligent company, aware of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of each one in a a world that is increasingly competitive, more opaque and difficult to decipher both on a micro and macroscopic level.

Here, what Intelligence can do for companies that enter the 4.0 revolution, is also to prepare them with specialized instruments, with data, information and a whole exclusive knowledge of the Intelligence area that allows not only our entrepreneurs to make decisions truly supported and intelligent, but also that allows them, in case of need, to control critical and extreme situations in any case, and, of course, also to bet on the expansion to emerging markets, more or less remote, but always with dangers , threats and risks different from the national market.

IntellCorp is currently collaborating with a few dozen entrepreneurs and agents of various kinds and nature to build this future; in the defense of their interests we work every day in the superior defense of the National Interests, supporting the decision, and the strategies of those who want to know more than what often appears on the surface within the usual noise that the current is producing in the usual information media.

To find out more, send us an email to . For more content follow our updates also on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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