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Intelligence for States

It was in the 1980s that the sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky launched a work that became a best seller, entitled L'Ère du vide: essais sur l'individualisme contemporain. In the path of this first path, the work of this intellectual has always worked in the description of our society of hyper consumption, of disillusionment, of the aestheticization of reality and finally of a civilization of lightness.

Nowadays, more than ever, just maybe a lot about this reading of reality, there has been a lot of talk about an era of ‘post-truth’ now. The structural idea of ​​the theme perhaps goes through the main vectors already defined by Lipovetskyn in a hypermodern society like ours, but with the intellectual addition here, to reinforce not only the light character of our contemporary global stance, but also and fundamentally, to embody the idea that at present the Information War is a reality. This is very different from thinking about the truth, your discoveries, your treatment and the work that can and should be done around you; on the contrary, what is being witnessed in the present is more and more in-depth work by States and companies in the search for information, vulnerabilities and threats for the production of material that positively or negatively influences each one's target.

Currently, states, companies and individuals are committed and articulated in a systematic way, often in the production of materials that guide reality towards the path they want. The objective may be to influence national and international perceptions; the pressure point can be, for example, rating agencies, or large banking institutions, as well as large populations, together with large, medium and small companies. These works are contracted to companies specialized in the survey and respective processing of information all over the world.

In the diplomatic field, for example, the information that circulates in small and very restricted circuits underlies the power to influence everything and everyone; this type of device in the Information area reflects the competitive capacity of the States, which with this work ultimately seek to defend the best interest of their countries, companies and citizens, the National Interest.

Information Security is, therefore, a very relevant factor - as well as the ability to understand in depth the less formal poles of power and the influence flows that institutions, companies and individuals exercise, is fundamental for the treatment and prevention of threats and national vulnerabilities that can be of the most varied order and content. On the other hand, this type of Information for States work is also a clear bet on attracting business opportunities that otherwise would most likely not have been brought to the attention of political agents. It is not a question, therefore, of organizing missions - which certainly have their space and their very precise reason for being; it is about offering those entitled to competitive advantages in supporting conscious decision, often over territories and / or realities that do not reach the media.

The contemporary reality, Lipovetsky may well have got it right, is shattered and ultra-fast; political agents and businesspeople can often feel that they have free access to information, forgetting that not everything reaches the media, nor does it have the same circuits, nor does it move in linear spheres of influence.

IntellCorp is pleased to work actively in the present for some States, providing Intelligence at the highest level, with professionals of excellence and who are genuinely committed to mapping not only threats and vulnerabilities, but who are also articulated in building spheres of positive influence with other foreign poles of power that are of strategic interest to these states.

Our professionals are at the forefront of this work, increasingly important in a world that tends to be frivolous, as Lipovetsky would say, but simultaneously and paradoxically, also increasingly threatened by threats to the stability of States, with direct and indirect actions, in the overwhelming majority sometimes very well planned, and therefore, typically hypersilent.

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