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Intelligence for the Insurance Activity

Throughout the world, insurance activity is very likely one of the most relevant and most central areas of business. It is the guarantor and often the condition for the possibility of many other activities that in turn are part of our most visible daily life. Insurers around the world are therefore a kind of 'tip of the iceberg' with regard to even the planet's economic activity itself; this activity is important for individuals, companies and interest groups because, directly or indirectly, it is omnipresent across all sectors of our life, whether private or public.

Insurance companies are therefore, as a general rule, large poles of interest that also become rigorous reflections of the societies that on the one hand make them possible, but on the other hand, these companies also make a safer, more predictable reality, and therefore, more serene. This statute of the insurance companies often makes these companies the scene of both great interests and pressure, but they are also the space for fraud that ultimately ends up contaminating not only the companies, but of course, their customers, and therefore civil society as a whole.

Insurance companies are, therefore, hot spots in a sector that is generally very regulated and supervised, but which, unfortunately, given their exposure and the high interest capital they often generate, are the scene of fraud that is very difficult to detect by non-professionals. .

Providing a capacity for Information Security, defense and research far from what is usual in the market, IntellCorp and all its professionals in the Information area are in the national and international market for the support in the area of Intelligence to insurance companies. In all cases, our work always involves ensuring Information Security in companies in the first place; determining, opening and closing information flows and cycles within large institutions can be a challenge - especially when the timing of these processes is also a critical factor, as is the case in insurance activity.

On the other hand, our work always involves systematic and transversal advice on fraud prevention in companies; here, this facet of our activity is evident, it will also involve prevention mainly by training employees and implementing their own structures for analysis and conscious decision in the verification of occurrences, but it will also, unfortunately, undergo a very strong internal or external monitoring component, whenever necessary, having just taking into account any suspicions that may be raised.

In this work, we describe the advantages for everyone: for companies that save time, resources and capital spent, with a broader and deeper awareness of Information.

On the other hand, the customers of these companies are also the beneficiaries, who in this way will eventually be able to enjoy an even more transparent, more rational and, of course, faster and more rigorous insurance activity.

In a third plan, who benefits from this type of intervention is society considered as a whole, anonymous, political agents and agents of authority who find IntellCorp a fundamental alignment for the defense of the National Interest, but also of the international interests of the various actors.

Every day, IntellCorp professionals support and support, both strategically and tactically, individuals, companies and interest groups in Portugal and abroad in pursuing their objectives; for this, it is firstly necessary to materialize even more grounded work of excellence in the area of Information Security.

To find out more, send us an email to . For more content follow our updates also on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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