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Intelligence in the Corporate Reputation War

For a company and an entrepreneur one of the most powerful currencies of exchange in any activity in which it finds itself is credibility and reputation.

For those who have experience in the business area, they know that any market reacts very quickly to negativity and very slowly to the positive construction of the image of a company or an entrepreneur.

Nowadays with the swarm of social networks and therefore the exchange of information between all, the speed with which it is ventilated and a negative image is built around any subject is dizzying. This problem affects all of us: individuals, families, companies, and interest groups. Scandals follow one after the other, some of which, unfortunately, have devastating effects on the lives of people and companies. It is a problem that also affects our national and international public life - this is what society feeds on every day, being naturally many times, given the interest that these themes usually end up generating, the daily affairs and the news agenda of the main media are often guided by this type of content, both in Portugal and in the rest of the world.

We live in complex and critical times: being an entrepreneur is increasingly a risky activity given the imponderables that surround any type of commercial activity today. The complexity and rigor with which companies and individuals are scrutinized in their lives often leads to a very negative general confusion between the public sphere and the private sphere of each one of us.

Then it is important to be very clear that in the reputation war between companies and entrepreneurs, aspects that have nothing to do with the personalities of the entrepreneurs and their employees are also most often included.

All large or small companies have success stories and failures, gains and losses, problems and solutions; what is important in all cases - both in the personal sphere of the entrepreneur, as well as in the company and its employees - is to have the right professionals on your side to support the construction of an Information Security that shields all actors - the company and its activity, as well as the entrepreneur, employees and their families.

In the case of interest groups, the work is more complex, but similar; whether they are religious or not, more or less politicized, the problem in these cases is often the more dispersed and variegated nature of these actors in public theater.

IntellCorp has been opening the market in this area in this regard; in terms of the purest Information Security, physical, mobile and digital, at this moment we already support some companies and entrepreneurs who want to work with the market prepared for any type of problems that may arise; in terms of decision support, we are also working daily with heads of companies and groups of companies, to support conscious decision in the face of the information we are providing to our customers.

The objective is always to train companies and entrepreneurs on the one hand to avoid problems in the first place; on the other hand, so that in the event of a problem, employees and managers are prepared and controlled in a perfect articulation of Information Security that allows safeguarding the interests of the entrepreneur and his family, the company and employees.

In the war of reputation and credibility between companies, unfortunately the methods used by the competition may not be the most just or even the most transparent and truthful; The IntellCorp team, with its Intelligence professionals, is therefore prepared not only for gathering information, researching vulnerability and threats, but also in depth in the area of ​​counter-information for the most critical and difficult to work theaters. Internally, we have a broad awareness not only of what the media ventilate, but also of what they do not. We are deeply aware not only of what is stirring in the public arena of debate and circumstances, but also of the interests on the agenda that convey the logic of the reputations and credibility of some companies, entrepreneurs and interest groups.

For us, IntellCorp, we have more than 'work' every day; being our ‘mission’ to protect our customers from critical situations, from delicate and complex contexts that can often drag them into less desirable situations, but also their companies and their families.

To find out more, send us an email to . For more content follow our updates also on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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