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Intelligence in the Internationalization of Companies

Until today, the Lusophone market has been structured around some mechanisms that enhance the internationalization of companies in one way or another. Whether through access to state-funded financing, most of the time, with access, therefore, to community funds, or later on the ground with Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Consulates and in some more specific cases, with greater political intervention, the biggest problems in the overwhelming majority of cases remain.

The problems and challenges that arise for a company that aims to export products or services to a different market arise from the beginning, for example, in the knowledge of the internal logic of each jurisdiction, as well as the socio-political and economic framework of each geographical area. Unfortunately, in the course of any internationalization of companies, most of the time there are problems that can range from various frauds, to contextual problems that are very specific to the jurisdiction in question.

The fundamental problem is that most of the times the problems that the entrepreneur faces are not easily eliminated by a mere business mission, nor with the frequency of events related to the territory in question. There is no doubt that these three pivots, Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Consulates are a fundamental support network for any exporting company; but what is fundamental and what fortunately is happily beginning to happen on the national and international scene is the use of Intelligence many times even by these three main agents, in the field work that needs to be done in the area of ​​Information, whatever the jurisdiction we're talking about. A company that explores a country only and only through business missions, and with its own tools in the exploration of a certain geographical area is a project at a disadvantage compared to a company supported by specialists in the field of Information.

The work of Intelligence for a company that intends to export its products or its services mostly passes through the deep contextualization of the entrepreneur of all the main articulations of the market in question, of the identity and profile of its decision makers, as well as of the possible threats that may emerge from that specific context regarding the company and its agents. In the latter case, the taking of information about the main targets, the activation of spheres of influence, the introduction to senior business and political staff, as well as the exploitation of possible vulnerabilities of their potential competition, is part of the usual process of a real intelligence work.

IntellCorp's work is for these reasons unusual and rare; incorporating a set of massive experience in developed and emerging markets, extremely competitive and, equally, also emerging and / or remote, IntellCorp is able to offer unique tools in the national and international market to support not only the decision, but the operation of any company that is interested in expanding its business.

IntellCorp's support in the internationalization of companies includes the support of Intelligence in the political, business and financial areas. Whether with companies, or institutions on IntellCorp's side, we have the ability to activate spheres of influence and provoke introductions tailored to our client; we are also able to assist our clients in accessing business opportunities that often only pass to a more public sphere when they are already decided in some way - at IntellCorp we survey these opportunities, and we operate all kinds of measures that guarantee greater probability of success on the part of our client.

IntellCorp also has an eminently financial operational aspect to support the difficulties that often arise, unfortunately, in the articulation of receipts and payments in less stable geographical areas, and often without the same support by the same financial mechanisms and first-rate banking. line.

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