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Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As they deal directly with the health / business binomial, one of the industries most exposed both to the risk of reputation war both between companies and with the general public, and to the risk of aggression and attacks by the competition is the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Being essentially based on scientific innovation, the priority of this type of industry is always the creation of new products that are a solution to certain health problems, preferably applicable on a scale, and with control of production costs. On the other hand, in addition to the costs of research, development, patenting and licensing, this area is also increasingly connected to the marketing market. As in all business areas, also in the pharmaceutical area, a new product only becomes the market leader by conquering its target segments, through an effective and structured communication.

In this matter, nationally and internationally, the communication agencies develop their work, activating the brand so that the products become known in the market.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is unfortunately also often the scene of serious problems with regard to aggressions from the point of view of Information Security. The problem does not arise only in the market for innovation and processes related to the patenting of new products; the problem often involves counter-information and disinformation actions that target not only the public potential of the products, but that aim to influence the opinions of the main decision-makers.

The support of professionals in the Information area in this area can and must be extensive and deep: first, it will be necessary to analyze and verify the logic of information flows within the business group; it is also necessary to ensure absolute support, by experts in the field, in the area of Information Security for innovations and patenting; in the area of communication, it is important to ensure not only the entire logic of Information Security between the inside and outside of the working group, with a rigorous planning of possible models for the management of risk and crisis situations.

As specialists in Information and Counterinformation, IntellCorp has great strengths that can be very useful in this type of market; with the increase in competitive pressure, the slowdown in disruptive innovation productivity and, on the one hand, the exponential increase in costs for research, and on the other hand, with the pressure of expiring patents on highly demanded products, plus the constant tension of regulatory markets, IntellCorp and its support in the Information area can often become vital not only for the survival of these groups, but for their growth and the consequent drop in their direct or more indirect competition.

Aware that there are undeniable opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Industry not only in countries with emerging economies, but also, in countries with less structured and capable economies, IntellCorp's support is essential so that these groups, many of them with headquarters in the West, are often , that is, in the USA, UK, Switzerland, France and Germany, they are able to move with efficiency and agility in economies, and more opaque, critical and delicate socio-political contexts.

The introduction to Senior Political or Business Executives is, to this extent, also an important factor, not forgetting also here - and because we are directly addressing issues related to issues that are always dear to the public health of the populations - the in-depth awareness that IntellCorp has regarding the its necessary social role in the most disadvantaged geographical areas and populations.

In this context, the work of Information to be done by IntellCorp involves not only ensuring the correct flow of information to the power and decision poles, but also planning and guaranteeing the security and trust not only of the best distribution channels and of the respective sale of the products in question, but often also going through a great deal of planning, modeling and intervening directly in the financial part of the operations in question so that the specific capital flows occur smoothly and with the confidence of both parties.

Unfortunately in critical geographic areas the overwhelming majority of times the banking system is far from being top-notch; IntellCorp and its professionals are on the ground every day to precisely guarantee the success of their customers' operations, interpreting them holistically, in a systematic view, and encompassing the safety of all stakeholders, whether they are individuals, more or less publicly exposed, companies, or business groups, governments and interest groups more or less politicized and religious.

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