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Intelligence & Vulnerability Reporting

Until today, Lusophony and the PALOP in general, always thought that work in the Information area was just a mission and an area that strictly concerned States, their internal and external diplomatic and political mechanisms. On the contrary, in the Anglo-Saxon or Germanic world, companies that work in this business area in a transparent and solid way have proliferated for several decades. Given this history, at least in Portugal, it is necessary to demystify what an Intelligence company does when it positions itself in the market both to sell services to private individuals and to governments.

Intelligence, why? The intervention of an Intelligence job in a company, or in support of an entrepreneur and / or entrepreneur is one of the most visible facets of the activity of a company that works in the private sector of Information. Adding Intelligence to a company in most cases means adding a value that is very rare in Portuguese companies. We all know that in the life of a company, often the possession of a certain type of information can determine the success or not of a business.

A company like IntellCorp absolutely incorporates the ability to overcome vulnerabilities or exploit them: on the one hand, we are able to add our own awareness of our customers' weaknesses and work on their shielding, but on the other hand we are also extremely strong in support of our customers to read their competition in depth and know where and how they can start a more offensive strategy with a certain competitor taking into account, precisely, their vulnerabilities.

We know that many times a business does not depend only on the value proposal in question, on the merits of potential players or even on the more or less arbitrary situation in the market; we know that often having the right information in hand, and knowing how to use it in the most valuable way is often an instrument that makes things happen, that actually materializes what often gets in the way sometimes because of the particular interest of any group or more or less organized and visible sphere of influence. Offering the national market the possibility of having a vulnerability report from the competitor or yourself is a unique opportunity to grow and surpass whoever gets in the way of an entrepreneur.

In the Information and Networks Age, the intervention of professionals in the Information and Security sector is a rare asset to be seen in the Portuguese-speaking world; give this ability to a company, or an entrepreneur, the power to activate powerful spheres of influence or to identify a vulnerability in its main competitor and, according to this, position itself in order to beat it in the market with our tactical support , strategic and operational is an instrument of high added value that national companies have been lacking.

That is why IntellCorp is a company that brings together a multidisciplinary team of analysts and operational staff in the Information area. As information agents, we often survey vulnerabilities and threats to companies, entrepreneurs, top executives and government entities. We work in the market, not in the perspective of the mere work of desk research on the part of a manager to whom the national consulting market is accustomed.

At IntellCorp we approach the market on the deeper side of Information: we clarify what is opaque, we illuminate for our customers what is not normally seen, adding, of course, also a strong operational capacity that materializes in a tactical and strategic support of defense or attack for companies and / or individuals that want to win, or that due to any misfortune are in complicated situations, or that just feel the need to prevent any kind of more delicate context so that they may be dragged. It is, for example, here that a vulnerability report can become fundamental for our client: whether to control a threat, or to exploit the weaknesses of their neighbors in order to overcome it, IntellCorp is on the ground every day more complex, remote or competitive with your Information professionals.

The support and operational and tactical support in critical situations, whether in the protection and security of information, or in a more offensive facet for the direct or indirect competitors of our customers, corresponds to the characteristic typology of the most characteristic services that we provide in a systematic way for a market that is little used and little aware of the power of Information within companies and in the lives of individuals. Internally, we know that the most vulnerable side of all companies and, in general, of all institutional realities, is precisely the most human side. At IntellCorp we also know that there are no individuals or companies without problems, and that it is precisely in the arena of power and fear that IntellCorp plays in a structured, robust and serious way.

To find out more, send us an email to . For more content follow our updates also on LinkedIn, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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