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Interview and Interrogation Techniques Course

The interview and interrogation, usually referred to as “Interview and Interrogation techniques”, constitute a complex police technique, whose main objective is to collect fundamental information to determine the truth of the facts, aiming to answer the six fundamental questions of Criminal Investigation .

Its applicability, with the necessary adaptations, occurs at any stage of the investigation, regardless of the procedural figure in question: witness, defendant, plaintiff or whistle blower.

In practical terms, the Inquiry / Interrogation consists of a dialogue established between two parties, the interviewer and the interviewee, which can be any of the above-mentioned figures.

This dialogue necessarily results in a situation of interaction between the two players, who often defend different objectives and interests, and sometimes opposed ones, especially if it is an interrogation of the accused.

The objectives of this training are:

1. Know the Legal Framework, avoiding the existence of procedural nullity;

2. Know how to prepare the physical space and the strategy for a statement;

3. Master the different methodologies of inquiry and interrogation;

4. Know how to evaluate the verbal and non-verbal language of the interlocutor;

5. Know how to manage attitudes; and

6. Master the techniques of motivation.


Theoretical-practical training followed by practical exercises in the classroom (Role Play) and consequent autoscopy.

Find out more here:

Grupo IntellCorp_Técnicas de Entrevista
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