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Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Modern Warfare Course

The importance of the Armed Forces for National Security is the highest, as we all recognize.

From the defense of our citizens and interests abroad, to the Detached National Forces (FND) within the scope of several international commitments, the Armed Forces represent the best in a State and of its citizens, who fulfill their duty selflessly.

In this sense, the protection of the forces and the mission also involves trained and operational Military Intelligence Services.

To understand the evolution of Military Intelligence Services and the different cultures of Military Intelligence in the world as well as what is or how - ideally - a Military Intelligence Service should operate, it is mandatory to drink from sources of the highest quality and extensive and proven experience in the field.

It is mandatory to attend this course.


Elements of the Armed Forces and Security Forces, as well as civilians - professionals and academics -, for whom the content is relevant.

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