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The importance of Geographic Risk Reports or "Country Risk Reports" for decision makers [2]

[4] Social issues:

Social issues are often undervalued or overvalued by those who keep an eye on the outside. Whether due to a belief in the lack of organizational capacity or coordination of social actors or due to an excess of optimism regarding their real weight in public opinion or the desire for changes of various kinds in the social fabric, or even because of a belief in their own capacity or external support that certain actors or movements seem to have.

From strikes that paralyze a local geographic area, the greater or lesser reflexes in the sub-region or region, to the individual role of the actors and their real interests and political agenda, a company that seeks to analyze a State in which it intends to invest or consolidate is faced if permanently with the same dilemma: do I really know all aspects of the issue?

IntellCorp's role is precisely to maintain a permanent attention with links to the field of excellence and that allow it to assist the client in making informed decisions. Its function is both to dismantle alarms and to warn of possible dangers. Her experience is fundamental in this research and analysis because it is the reflection of an impartial vision, out of the box but at the same time aware of the different standards in which the new events fit.

Many more examples can be given of the need that companies have to resort to specialized services of Intelligence and Security. IntellCorp understands that both areas are closely interconnected and that knowledge of these and other specific areas such as diplomatic, defense, business and social and cross-cutting issues benefits the client and makes all the difference in their training.

If it is a risk report like the "Country Risk Report" that will fill the gap? It certainly does not come but it is a start. We have services that we offer more developed and deepened and we adapt the service to the clients' budgets. However, having access to our most basic services and being minimally accompanied and well informed is better than deciding on the luck factor.

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