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Private and / or Professional Sphere

- UHNWI and HNWI and Family Offices

- Politicians

- Entrepreneurs

- Middle and Senior Staff

- Individuals

In today's world, we are increasingly exposed to various threats to our professional or family life.

Whether it is the result of our activity or the successes that attract predators, the truth is that - nothing being 100% safe - traditional means of individual protection, our career or those that are most dear to us are no longer enough.

The IntellCorp Group has the means to create a "security bubble" that can finally leave you calm about what you want to keep and even go further and assist in your projection for professional success.

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Private and / or Public Sector

- Any area

We all know that in the life of a company, often the possession of a certain type of information can determine the success or not of a business. The IntellCorp Group absolutely incorporates the ability to overcome vulnerabilities or exploit them: on the one hand, we are able to add our own awareness of our clients' weaknesses and work on their shielding, but on the other hand we are also extremely strong in supporting our customers. customers to read your competition in depth and / or know where and how to move to a more offensive strategy.

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All and Anywhere

- Organization

- Individual Collaborators

In a world marked by the constant birth of national, subregional, regional and international conflicts, the role of NGOs is extremely valuable and vital for people. Although all the professionals who are part of them already have deep experience in the field, there are constant developments of a political, terrorist or criminal nature that elude them. Often, they are the first targets of hostilities, due to their role, going against criminal organizations or authoritarian states. The IntellCorp Group not only has experience and capacity in Information and Security that allows the protection of NGOs in the field, but also highly trained professionals in all aspects of research, analysis and prevention or combating phenomena that arise unexpectedly for organizations outside these areas.

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Africa | North America | South America | Asia | Europe | Oceania

The IntellCorp Group, having its roots in Portugal, is however independent from the Portuguese State. However, the IntellCorp Group has as its unwavering principle the defense of the interests of the Portuguese State, the Portuguese and the National Interest.

The IntellCorp Group is also governed by international law and respects, above all, all international and regional organizations to which Portugal belongs.

That said, the IntellCorp Group is pleased to work in the present actively for some States that are genuinely committed to mapping threats, vulnerabilities or opportunities and articulate in building spheres of positives and their strategic interest.





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