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Private and / or Professional Sphere

- UHNWI and HNWI and Family Offices

- Politicians

- Entrepreneurs

- Middle and Senior Staff

- Individuals

Travel Alerts


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The travel alert is intended for all types of customers and types of situations. Used by those who go on vacation and want to know if there is any risk to their safety and that of the family or by businessmen and companies that want to prepare their executives and employees for the stay, preventing themselves in terms of security issues, even non governmental with field missions, this is a product that can be considered the minimum required to prepare for travel or stay, especially in today's world where we are increasingly exposed to various threats to our professional or family life.

Vulnerability Assessment


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How vulnerable is your private life and how exposed is your family? What are your company's vulnerabilities?

How vulnerable are you and your organization, because you deal with a less strict customer or a less-than-recommended partner?

These are some of the questions you have to answer (through our Information and Security Vulnerability Assessment), if you want to operate in a secure environment, both in the private and professional spheres.

All companies, executives and employees are a target for competition, terrorist organizations or organized crime and are vulnerable to political, economic or social factors.

There is a long list of threats that a company has to consider and that include: state- or business-sponsored espionage, social engineering, sabotage, intellectual property theft, blackmail, social disorder and many more.

This service will test your vulnerabilities on the spot and will provide you with a report containing all the vulnerabilities of your company, your private life, your employees or your business partners at any given time.

If you wish, you will follow up on the detected vulnerabilities and resolve them, helping you to build a security bubble and accompany you with our Decision Support System.

Background Check


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Who joins your company? Who are your future collaborators?

Who comes into your house? Friends? Employees of service companies (cleaning, gardening, babysitting, petsitter)? Do you really know who they are and whether they pose a physical threat to members of your family or your assets or your business? Being a necessary verification for access to a job in certain geographies, organizations themselves are often obliged to use exclusively individuals who go through this vetting process. Essentially a background check or investigation of that background, it refers to the process of interviewing, searching and compiling various types of records: criminal, commercial and financial records of a job seeker, as well as seeking to get to know the element in depth, thus protecting his / her background. family or company of elements that misrepresent your credentials, criminals, sexual predators and others. Protect your business or family.

Image, Career or Political Advisory


Cobertura de imprensa

Are you a top professional or do you intend to become? Do you have ambitions for career advancement, or do you have a professional objective that seems difficult to achieve without contacts? Are you an entrepreneur or politician who cares about the image you project? Is it a company that knows how to have competition and the eyes of the world are on you and that not infrequently crises with an employee or partner or business can be ruinous? Society is fertile in rash judgments and is often unfair in its perception of individual lapses or failures. The damage that an image suffers is too often immeasurable and can destroy family lives, professional careers and companies. The IntellCorp Group has the tools to help you prevent events that in an instant can destroy lives and organizations.

Decision Support System



In addition to providing you or your company or executives with adequate Personal Protection, this service will empower you with a network of services designed to give you the advantage you need over your competitors and will enable you to launch into new projects or markets with the right information and adequate security.

The Heads of State have this kind of services and they not only feed the Decisor with briefings but take care of their protection and of those I can deprive. We will become your private Information Service and you will have access to your Information briefings (strategic and tactical), allowing you to prepare meetings, travel and investments with greater peace of mind. This is your advantage over the competition or any threat to your person or company.

Corporate Intelligence and Security | Kidnap and Ransom | Special Missions


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There are two quite common risk situations for companies operating abroad: the abduction of their executives or employees, the protection of facilities and the need for frequent travel of their executives or employees to meetings or on the ground:

a) Abduction is a major source of income for many terrorist or criminal organizations. It is also an important resource for petty crime and for criminals on occasion, who find themselves in possession of privileged personal information from employees or the agenda of some top executive. As long as the reward justifies it, anyone is at risk of kidnapping, even outside the house and in broad daylight;

b) The protection of your facilities is essential for the continuity of operations. Many companies opt for local partners, often without qualifications other than perimeter surveillance and without ensuring that there is no relationship between elements of that local private security and criminal elements. The most serious occurs when the area where the company is located is the target of armed conflicts or attacks by terrorist organizations;

c) Displacement on the ground is one of the least anticipated risk situations by executives or companies. In addition to being subject to kidnapping situations, other threats are waiting: using embarrassing situations for blackmail and obtaining information, copying or subtracting vital information for the company in your possession, legal detention for cultural differences or other factors are just some of the risks.

If, unfortunately, you are already in a situation of kidnapping someone connected to you, with a member of your family or an employee of your company, we also carry out the appropriate follow-up to a favorable and safe resolution, negotiating your rescue on the ground. or adopting other types of measures for their safe extraction.

Dealing with the prevention of this type of situation, through the use of our Intelligence services, implementing the Security measures recommended by us, allows our customers to continue their business without any restrictions. In the last case and in an extreme situation of only reaching us after the current situation, with our multifaceted and extremely experienced teams of professionals in these areas, we are the ideal company for a favorable, fast and safe resolution of the issue.

We have the appropriate means to entrust the security of your company and your HR to us. And with our intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities and the ability to deploy hundreds of top professionals with proven experience in combat in high-risk areas or small specialized units, we have access to air, sea and land resources and to adequate armament to carry out any mission that they propose to us.

  • Global Monitoring

  • Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

  • Intelligence and Security Decision Support

  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis (Political, Economic and Social)

  • Cross-cutting Strategic Intelligence Analysis (Organized Crime, Terrorism, Trafficking, Smuggling, Counterfeiting)

  • Country Risk Reports and Briefings (Travel Risk Alert Reports and Briefings)

  • Due Diligence (Vetting and Background Checking)

  • Threat Assessment (Situational Awareness)

  • Security Risk Management (Infrastructure, Policies, Internal and External Communications)

  • Crisis Management (Emergency Planning and Response)

  • Corporate / VIP Intelligence and Security

  • Intelligence and Security Course

  • Kidnap & Ransom

  • Special Missions







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